Wobby #8, risograph printed magazine

Wobby is a Dutch Risograph printed, thematic magazine, published by Wobby.club;
Jeroen de Leijer, Marjolein Schalk (aka Studio De Leijer), Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein.

For every edition of Wobby the collective is supplemented with guest artists.
Wobby is printed by Studio De Leijer on a Risograph duplicator MZ1070E.
Wobby #8 is the first English edition.

The theme of the last issue of 2016 is nasty stuff.
Cover by Gwénola Carrère.

Guest artists of Wobby #8:

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-risograph printed magazine

-48 pages

-dimensions : 17 x 25 cm

-language : English

-€ 10,00 + shipping

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It's Nice That about Wobby:
"Tilburg-based Studio de Leijer makes us chuckle with bonkers magazine Wobby"

People of Print about Wobby:
"Wobby; a Risograph-printed quarterly magazine which we think is perfect for those who need an adrenaline shot of visual inspiration"